SOGI Resources

SOGI Summit 2020 Presentation – Branching Out: Conceptualizing SOGI Inclusive Units in Primary and Early Intermediate Grades

Pridentity – A Cross Curricular Theme Project focused around the bands of Colours in the Pride Flag, and the Concepts / Themes Associated with Each Colour

A Primary Lesson acknowledging similarities and differences

Different Same Families – Primary Lesson – Thorner

Using A Picture Book to Introduce Gender Identity  (Appropriate for Early Learners)

Looking at story structures that result in surprising (but satisfying and logical endings)

Some resources that help deconstruct stereotypes about wearing pink and standing up for others.  (appropriate for Pink Day or International Day of Pink acknowledgements)

A proactive strategy to helping students recognize they can celebrate anyone who nurtures them on Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day (if those roles are absent from their lives)

Differentiating Between Fears and Phobias

Using a problem solving model / process to analyze problems presented in videos

Clever writing activity that has students explore voices, perspective, and powerful responses

ADST activity where students are placed in design teams and challenged to design a Universal Washroom Logo

Comparing Superhero archetypes to coming out experiences (what if superheroes had to reveal their secret identities?)

Making a connection between Remembrance Day and other examples of Remembrance

Lists of video links and text resources to enhance SOGI Inclusive Education

Examples of elementary school lessons



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