Artist Inquiry: From Study to Studio

An experiment combining biographical research with art exploration lead to a transformation in art methodology in Bryan’s classroom.  He will share with you how inquiries into the methods and materials that artists used lead to vibrant, self-directed and successful art classes with amazing student investment and productivity in the production of their own art portfolios.

Artist Inquiry – Resources and Supporting Material

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  1. Bryan,

    Hope you are doing well. I attended your PITA presentation in Langley. I have prepped my students to select artists and they are getting very drawn in by the project. I love it. I wanted to download the package but don’t have the password. Can I get that from you? I also wanted a list of the artists your students have used. Do you have that readily available? If not, the handouts and requirements package will suffice. They have already come with a lot of their own good ideas about artists. It’s amazing.

    Dean , Noel Booth Elementary in Langley

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