Bryan’s Workshops

Artist Inquiry: From Study to Studio

Boys Will Be Boys: How You Can Keep Them Reading and Writing

Branching Out: Conceptualizing SOGI Inclusive units in Primary and Early Intermediate Grades

Buddies with Benefits

Can I See Some I.D. Please: Exploring Student Identity

Creating a Culture of Constructive Criticism in the Writing Classroom

DIY Character Kit

The Element of Surprise

Fact & Fiction: Using Research for Multiple Genres in Writing

Let the Good Times Role: Critical Thinking and Writing in Role

Out Loud: Bringing Curriculum Out of the Closet 

Picture This: Activating Multiple Literacies Using Picture Books as Provocations

Practically Perfect Poetry: From Brainstorm to Form

Promoting Pridentity – A Cross Curricular Approach to Inclusive Education

Queering Commercials: Examining LGBTQ+ Representation in the Media.

Reading Portfolios: Reading, Responding, and Reflecting

Say What?!: Developing Characters Using Dialogue in Stories

Show! Don’t Tell: A Writing Workshop

Speaking in Bubbles: Using Graphic Novels and Wordless Books to Enhance Literacy Instruction

Surfacing Stories: Transforming the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

Tiptoeing into SOGI Territory

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