Bryan Gidinski

Bryan Gidinski is an intermediate elementary school teacher with more than twenty five years of teaching experience. In addition, he has worked as a Faculty Associate and Sessional Instructor, teaching courses in Language Arts Methodology and Classroom Management as well as facilitating teacher education modules with Diversity and Literacy themes. He holds a district leadership role as a Program Consultant, providing programming support for Literacy, Assessment, and, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI). He has demonstrated a passion for writing and enjoys facilitating rich writing experiences for students, so that they develop comfort and become experimental with language and composition. He strives to provide instruction that is highly motivating for all students, and that allows students opportunities to achieve to their highest potential.  He is also an advocate for ensuring that LGBTQ+ students and their families see themselves reflected in curricular resources, lessons, and conversations by promoting themes of diversity and acceptance.

He has been a popular presenter, presenting in a number of locations at conferences throughout British Columbia. His workshops are a combination of the theoretical and the practical. Throughout his workshops, his sense of humour, his creativity, and his experience are evident.

Bryan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology with a minor in English, and completed his professional teaching certification in PDP at Simon Fraser University. He completed graduate studies at the University of British Columbia, earning a Masters of Education in Language and Literacy Education.

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  1. Bryan,
    thank you for your workshop “Artist inquiry”, yesterday at the PITA conference. I love the idea and cannot wait to put it into practice in my own grade 6/7 class. I especially like the ideas you presented because the backstory you gave to how you came to take your art lessons to this different path mirror my own feelings about my teaching of art. I’m not trained in art (though I love doing it with the students) and have felt frustrated with doing too many ‘craft’ type projects. I’m excited about this approach. You made my day.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, David. I’m thrilled that the workshop resonated with you and hope that you find the supporting materials useful in taking a different approach to teaching art. Please notice that slides of student portfolios are now posted in “Captain’s Log: Supplemental” on the blog.

  2. Bryan,
    I spoke to you after your DIY Character Kit workshop, and I have been very impressed by every workshop of yours that I have attended. You always give really practical ideas that makes writing come alive and have a greater purpose for the kids. The end results are also better for me to mark, so I appreciate that!
    I have also been to your Practically Perfect Poetry, Show Don’t Tell, and the one on Debates. I was wondering if I could have access to the digital versions of the notes to those workshops so that I can have a more permanent copy stored in my computer files.
    Thank you,

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