Phase Two – Extend

Reflect back on the examples generated.  Look for examples you have the strongest connections to or that generate the most powerful memories or emotions.

Tease out additional details, and search for specifics.  The more illustrative and personal the examples, the more powerful the potential.  Add these details to your brainstorm (in a different colour if you are able to).

If you chose an example like “a warm blanket,” explore if that is a blanket that has some significance (i.e. Is it a quilt someone made for you by someone special? Is it a particular blanket or will any blanket do? Can they think of a particular example of a specific time when the blanket was particularly comforting?)

Consider the senses.  When you are experiencing the feeling of comfort, what do you hear, observe, feel, smell, taste?


a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day” becomes, “a steaming mug of hot chocolate, topped with mini-marshmallows, after an epic snowball fight with my brother.


the warmth of the sun” becomes “squinting into the light, I can feel the sun’s rays evaporating the chlorinated water from my skin.”

a hug from my mom” becomes “nestled in my mom’s arms, I breathe in the sweet scent of soap, and feel like my heart beats in time to hers.”

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