Phase Three – Experiment

Experiment with combining words, phrases, and ideas into a series of statements.

Don’t focus on a particular device or form of poetry.  Don’t focus on creating complete sentences with proper punctuation.  Form and conventions can come later.  Just explore and experiment with language.

Your series can be focused on one particular feeling of comfort with really descriptive details about that one situation or they can be a series of images (a collection of different situations) that all combine together to illustrate the feelings of comfort. Aim for 8 – 12.  Focus on combinations of words that sound good together.

Read aloud and listen for how phrases sound, and how they sound in the context of other phrases.  Pay attention to combinations that are particularly pleasing.  Are there any patterns or characteristics that you can notice that contribute to really good combinations?

As you read aloud:

  • Do you stumble over any words?
  • Does anything sound awkward or unclear?
  • Can you adjust any awkward rhythms?
  • Does changing the order of phrases improve the way your words sound together.
  • Does adding additional descriptive words make it flow better?
  • Does eliminating or removing descriptive words make it flow better?

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