Derek Roelofsen is a Registered Nurse currently working in public health with children and youth in east Vancouver. Through his work Derek has developed a passion for young men’s health, and has been very active in bringing young men’s health issues to the forefront of public health in Vancouver. Most predominantly, Derek’s work focuses on sexual health and self-esteem/body image issues. He is involved in research, policy and program development, and health teaching related to the well-being of boys and men.

It is this passion and diverse experience that Derek brings to his workshops. His workshops aim to be youth-friendly, comprehensive, and evidence-based. He brings to his workshops the hands-on real experience of his job as a public health nurse working in the area of sexual health. Derek infuses his workshops with a strong sense of mutual respect for the youth that he works with, recognizing their life experiences and ideas. He talks with children and youth, not at them.

Derek has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and International Development Studies from Trent University. He is currently working to complete graduate studies in nursing.


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